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Time to start today!

So for the past year I have been wondering when it is I am going to take that next step in my life. I am 22 (not long until I’m 23) and already feel like my days, hours, minutes and seconds are wasting away. I guess it is hard to constantly be surrounded by social media and seeing others live this ‘exciting’ and ‘successful’ life… if you could call it that. Why is it that I feel my youth is wasted? Ive recently finished university, I have accomplished a lot during that time by doing a lot of internships, I participated in all the events that I wanted to be a part of, I have traveled to America, Thailand and Spain in less than 8 months, and yet I still feel something is missing. They always say, your 20’s is when you try and find yourself, your 30’s is when you start feeling comfortable with who you are and make something of yourself and by your 40’s, you should be content with who you’ve become and where you are in life.

Since the start of 2015, I have really tried figuring it out… and after a while, I think I know what it is.

Its broken down into two categories:

1. Being Present
2. Being Scared

The problem I feel most of us are going through right now is the lack of being present in the moment, we allow ourselves to be stuck living in the past or future. The next thing is being scared to go out of societies comfort zones and being scared to fail. Easy said than done right?


Being Present
It is most definitely a process, and it doesn’t happen right away. Its all about changing your mind set and consciously each day reminding and telling yourself to be present, so then eventually it will just concrete itself into your sub-conscious. I think in order for us to be happy with who we are, we must practice and be consistent with living in the moment. Take a moment to sit where you are, and listen to the noises that are happening around you, feel the air, and take a deep breath and say to yourself what it is you’re feeling. By doing this, you are becoming self aware of not only yourself but what is also around you. This is a form of meditation and in times of stress and anxiety, it is important to implement this method to help bring you back to reality. Now, don’t think that it is forbidden to think back into your past or think forward into your future, it is completely normal to do so, as long as you a) don’t become affected by your thoughts and b) bring yourself back to reality and place those thoughts away until it is necessary to bring them out.

Being Scared
Now this statement can be quite vague, which is exactly why I feel that it is extremely important to address it and apply it to all aspects of your life. Don’t be scared to be you and don’t be scared to live the life that will make you happy! Forget about everyone else when it comes to what is best for you. People will always try and either bring you down or tell you why what you want to do is not realistic… which is a word I most definitely hate. Ok, yes, becoming Beyonce is not realistic, but becoming the best ‘you’ is definitely close enough! Ill give you an example of when I realised that I needed to stop telling people what I want to do and just do it. One time, I was out with friends and we were discussing our future and what it is we wanted to do. I started talking about how I wanted to start my own business and venture my life in that direction, and in the conversation (where you would be expecting your friends to be supportive), one of them just started to put me down and telling me how it is not possible (oh and by the way, the things this friend wants to do is clearly possible for them, just not me). In that moment I realised that your goals and dreams is something sacred, something that was given to you by you and it shouldn’t be shared with anyone else, and you should only let your work and success speak for itself. This person who spoke negativity was only trying to push forward¬†their own frustration and fears onto me, and had I let this person affect me, I might as well stop living, because it won’t be the first or last time someone will try and bring me down. Do not be afraid to take risks and remember you don’t need to answer to anyone! Being scared is just an emotion, and if you can learn to control it, what is left stopping you?

I hope this gives you a little positive jump to start your day or start living the life you want to live! whether you may be financially unprepared or still at university, school or just working, create a plan for yourself… its time to start today!